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PSN Lamachaur emphasis on the traditional & cultural values along with the scientific innovative curriculum in studies.

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The purpose of education should be to turn the life of a person into a work of art.The balance of life can be maintained only if...

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P.S.N. has laid a proper emphasis on Art, Music and Physical Education too in accordance with the syllabus laid down by..

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'PSN lite' for me is a human being with 'Feelings of Respect', 'Love for Humanity' having a 'Will to do something fruitful'...

P.S.N Sr. Sec. School

To meet the needs of moral education, necessary to bring practicality in life, PSN Lamachaur has managed a library consisting books from various fields of subjects for studies. PSN Lamachaur also holds regular workshops based on the teachings of moral values, good manners and etiquettes, medical check up camps, educational tours, entertainment tours, weekly competitions and assessments for the all round development of students.

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The school stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the sincere.

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Admission notification for all candidates SC/ST/OBC/General from Class I-IX & XI For the Session 2018-2019 Some vacancies are lying vacant. Applications are invited from the desirous parents to admit their ward from 4th April 2018 – 20th April 2018. Date of Registration – 4th April 2018– 20th April 2018 Display of Selected Candidates list – 22nd April 2018 Admission to be taken from 23rd April 2018 – 30th April 2018 The following documents are to be submitted along with Registration form which is obtainable from Admission Office In-charge Previous Class Mark sheet School Leaving Certificate (T.C) obtained from previous school Migration Certificate Birth Certificate of the candidate Admission form for SC/ST/OBC/ for the classes I to VI and VIII will be available at the office from 15th April free of cost. The candidates should submit the following documents along with Registration form: Birth certificate of the child issued from competent authority Caste certificate issued from competent authority Economically weaker section(EWS)/ Below Poverty Line (BPL) certificate issued from competent authority Residential proof

To reduce the stress of examination, no terminal examinations are being conducted for these classes. The School is following “Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation pattern as provided by the CBSE. The progress of the students are assessed on the basis of observation and evaluation for various skills such as listening, speaking, analyzing, problem solving etc. during regular teaching periods.

1. All the students should come to school clean and tidy in their school uniform under the penalty of exclusion from the class.
2. Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. If a student is absent due to illness or any other valid reason, the principal should be informed about it immediately by a note from the guardian.

3. Student cannot be admitted in the school without transfer certificate of the school last attended

4. To be exempted from P.T a doctor certificate is required. Student must not remain in class rooms during P.T. and recess.

5. If a student continues to be absent without a leave note for more than ten working days in succession. His/her name will be struck off the register.

6. All are expected to attend class on the opening day after each of the vacations. Those absent without prior leave will be fined.

7. A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor's certificate submitting him/her to rejoin class.

8. Absence from school prior to a test and Saturday that are marked as class days will adversely affect the student's grade in the test and the marks allotted tor Assessment Activity Final Exams.

9. In case of any injury with in school permises the school will offer only first aid to the student. School management will not be responsible for any after treatment.

Promotion is granted on the basis of the whole year’s performance of the pupil. If a student misses even a single test, his/her position in the class is effected. Absenteeism does not merely affect rank in the class but also the final result. 75% attendance is compulsory for appearing in the Board/School Exam. The final examination is meant to confirm and to establish the trend of progress throughout the year. In order to qualify for promotion minimum ‘D’ grade in each subject is required for class IX and XI, students should pass separately in theory & practical examination. The School’s decision in regards to student’s promotion is final.

The school aims for holistic development of the child. The students are judged in scholastic and Co-scholastic areas during the year and their assessment are indicated in grades. The scholastic areas are graded on nine point grading scale while Co-scholastic areas are graded on five point scale. Co-scholastic areas include life skills, work education, visual and performing arts attitudes and values. There are two formative assessments (FA) and one summative assessment per term.

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Registration Form link(Copy and paste in another tab): https://goo.gl/forms/C3k7BzhoZy7VtITD2

NCERT Books used as teaching instruments. The Subject Books which are not published by NCERT are selected from the private publications.

PSN - The Persistent Students Nest Sr. Sec School.