P.S.N. vision about the studies lies in P.S.N. Edu. Ball.
Our Edu. Ball clarifies our thinking about ' WHAT ?' to teach
and ' HOW ?' to approach the objectives.

' WHAT ?' to teach : Life Long Learning, Intelligence & Career Skills along with Personality Development of the PSNlites.

' HOW ?' to teach: By adopting Engaging Methods, based on C.B.S.E./N.C.E.R.T.

Innovative Curriculum touching the CORE subjects by providing Conductive Learning Environment through Modern Methods of Education Technology.

Overall PSN main vision says :
"No One Can Do Everything
Everybody can do Something"

Whether a PSNlite becomes an Engineer, a Doctor, a Scientist, an Architect or an I.P.S, every individual is necessary for our society.

- Director