'PSN lite' for me is a human being with 'Feelings of Respect', 'Love for Humanity' having a 'Will to do something fruitful'. We lays our efforts in procuring the 'Ability of Judgment' among our students which enables them to justify 'What is Right? OR What is Wrong?' helpful to be 'Decisive' in their judgments'.

In our school, we teach our students that in spite of being what you are and whatever you will become, the most important is to be a human being. This theory of ours finds the foundation from the observations of past years that each & every child has a lot of energy in him/her self. What it matters is the path on to which he/she is guided to, if we can guide him/her on a right path and teach him/her to utilize his/her energy in a positive way than surely the child will always be a 'Constructive Citizen' for the country.

As it is the matter of fact that every one cannot hold a first place each & every time, but from their sincere efforts and hard work they can be the Winners. Therefore at PSN we teach our students not to be part of the 'Cat Race' but be a 'Guide' or 'Explorer' who are the 'Torch bearers' to the society. They are the leaders in true sense.

We lay our emphasis on the attainment of Knowledge among our students. We make them the learners not the crammers or muggers who are uni-directional personals. We love to produce the all-rounder's. To attain this we adopt the play-way methods, the experimental studies and the use of digital smart classes to make the topic easy to understand and unforgettable. Not only studies we also lay emphasis on the physical health education as 'A healthy body is house of healthy brain'. The swimming pool & various game courts help us to attain this aspect of the students too in a well planned manner.