1. All the students should come to school clean and tidy in their school uniform under the penalty of exclusion from the class.

2. Punctual and regular attendance is insisted upon. If a student is absent due to illness or any other valid reason, the principal should be informed about it immediately by a note from the guardian.

3. Student cannot be admitted in the school without transfer certificate of the school last attended

4. To be exempted from P.T a doctor certificate is required. Student must not remain in class rooms during P.T. and recess.

5. If a student continues to be absent without a leave note for more than ten working days in succession. His/her name will be struck off the register.

6. All are expected to attend class on the opening day after each of the vacations. Those absent without prior leave will be fined.

7. A student returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a doctor's certificate submitting him/her to rejoin class.

8. Absence from school prior to a test and Saturday that are marked as class days will adversely affect the student's grade in the test and the marks allotted tor Assessment Activity Final Exams.

9. In case of any injury with in school permises the school will offer only first aid to the student. School management will not be responsible for any after treatment.


1. You should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn on all school days and on all occasions of functions organised by the school.

2. Pupils who are not properly dressed and whose general appearance does not confirm to such regulations as the school prescribes, may be sent back home by the Principal.

3. It Is strictly forbidden to throw anything out of place and at anyone.

4. No shouting or whistling is allowed in the school premises.

5. It is necessary that pupils must obey the monitor appointed by the class teacher to maintain discipline during his/her absence from the class.

6. Non-Sikh boys should have their hair trimmed at regular intervals.

7. You have to be punctual and regular in the school and Join the morning assembly, as the bell starts ringing, in a disciplined manner. By the time the bells stops, ensure that you are in position at the allotted place.

8. Observe order and decorum befitting the occasion.

9. You must not bring any sharp instrument to the school.

10. You must not lend or borrow money or other articles from your fellow student.

11. The school will not be responsible for loss of books, money and other valuables brought by you to the school. However, every effort will be made to recover the things lost, it if reported to the Class Teacher or the Principal immediately.

12. You are expected to be polite. courteous, respectful and well disciplined inside and outside the school,

13. You must take care of your school property. No student should scratch or spoil any school furniture or write or draw lines on the walls or in any other manner damage things belonging to others done even by accident. Damage done even toy accident, either by you or by any one else, should be reported at once to the Class Teacher or to the Principal, Any damage done will have to be made good either individually or collectively.

14. It is compulsory for all children lo converse in English as the CBSE syllabus stresses on student competence to speak confidently and fluently in English. A student must speak in decent language all the time. He must ensure that his speech is courteous and polite. No student Should participate in any kind of rumor spreading and should refrain from speaking ill about others.

15. Buying eatables from street vendors is strictly forbidden outside the school premises.

16. Any communication sent from the school should be conveyed to the parents promptly. Parents must meet the teachers by prior appointments and with the permission of the Principal only.

17. The general behaviour of students be good not only in the school but also outside. Any reported objectionable conduct outside the school will make the students liable for disciplinary action.

18. Before leaving the class room at the end of the day student should arrange the desk and chairs in proper order, switch off the lights and fans, close the window, throw the waste paper and unwanted material in the dustbin and then leave the classroom.

19. Students are not followed to receive private tuition from the teachers of the school.

20. A Medical Certificate has to be produced from the competent authority

20. No child who is suffering from any infectious disease will be allowed to attend the school untill he/she is free from the infection.

21. The name, class and section of the pupil should be clearly marked on all his/her belongings.

22. No article will be passed on to the students either in the form of food or stationery during school hours.

23. Students are not allowed to drive any vehicle to come to school.

24.Do not send expensive gifts and sweets on birthday or any other on any other festivals.

25. Students are not allowed to wear any kind of ornaments in school, except a small earning for girls.

26. The Principal has full authority to refuse admission to a child and give transfer certificate to existing students on disciplinary charges.

27. Students are not given half day leave.

28. Every student should take care of his / her personal belongings School authorities will not be responsible for loss of such belongings.

29. A students must extend due courtesy and respect to all members of staff. Respect for elders and affected juniors should be soundly inculcated. Refinement in behavior should distinguish every pupil of the school child is expected to uphold the name and honor of the school.